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Andros Your Way - What is it?

It is a website dedicated to showcasing the best private accommodation on Andros Island, Bahamas and the best information on Andros Bahamas as your next vacation destination. From luxury private villas on a Bahamas Cay to intimate guest houses, this site covers North Andros Bahamas. Activities during your stay are also included, along with how to get to Andros Bahamas and how to get around. Your Bahamas holiday starts here.



About the Logo

Bahama Oriole

Bahama Oriole

Critically endangered and found only in North Andros, Bahamas

Blue Hole

Blue Holes

Over 100 documented Blue Holes on Andros



Over 50 endemic species found on Andros.



The elusive 'Gray Ghosts' of the flats. Andros has the best bonefishing in the world!



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  • Cocoanut Villa Cocoanut Villa Located on the Exclusive Private Island of Kamalame Cay
  • Joulter Cays Fishing Joulter Cays Fishing Bonefishing
  • Andros Island Map Andros Island Map
  • Andros Island Beach Andros Island Beach
  • Kamalame Cay Spa Kamalame Cay Spa Located on the Exclusive Private Island of Kamalame Cay
  • Cocoanut Villa Cocoanut Villa View of the beach
  • Snorkelling Snorkelling Snorkelling on the 3rd Longest Barrier Reef in the World
  • Cocoanut Villa Beach Cocoanut Villa Beach Located on the Exclusive Private Island of Kamalame Cay
  • Reef Reef Snorkelling
  • Sunset Sunset Sunset on an Andros Beach
  • Silvertop Villa Silvertop Villa Luxury Villa Andros, Bahamas
  • North Andros Map North Andros Map Map of Andros
  • Deep Sea Fishing Deep Sea Fishing
  • Sunrise Sunrise Andros Sunrise
  • Andros Your Way Andros Your Way Your Vacation, Your Decisions, Your Way















Where is Andros Bahamas?

Andros Island is the largest of all Bahama islands and located just 20 miles (15 mins flight) West of Nassau and 140 miles (10 hrs by boat) East of South Florida.

Andros is a fantastic location to rent a villa and Andros Island properties offer everything you could need for your next holiday home in The Bahamas. This site covers the area of North Andros, including Fresh Creek, Andros and the exclusive private island resort of Kamalame Cay.

If you don't find exactly what you are looking for - ask!

Where is the Bahamas?

1 hour from Miami

3 hours from New York.

8 hours from England.

The Islands of the Bahamas are closer than you think.


Why choose Andros Bahamas?

As a holiday destination, Andros Bahamas has everything you could wish for. Secluded beaches, captivating wild life, exciting activities and miles of open road -unspoilt, uncrowded and undeveloped.

Andros Island for the Adventurer:

Andros has acres of unspoilt and unmapped coppice, forest and marsh lands. Exploration has been limited but the inland areas of Andros are vast and rich in wildlife species, birds and plant life found nowhere else in the Bahamas.

Blue Holes are dotted throughout the Andros landscape. It's an adventure just to get to one! They've been explored by adventurers from Jaques Cousteau to Rob Palmer and in recent years, Brian Kakuk and continue to be a mystery ready for uncovering. Andros Blue Holes are a national phenominum and continue to captivate all of us, including the modern scientific explorers.

Andros Island for the Sportsman:

Andros has some of the world's best fishing grounds. From the vast tributaries of the creeks (Fresh Creek, Staniard Creek, Stafford Creek and Carghill Creek) to the endless flats of the Joulter Cays, bonefishing is the name of the game here!

Offshore and deep sea fishing is also abundant and little known. Due to the presence of the Tongue of the Ocean - a huge ocean 'trench' creating a deep water trough between Andros and Nassau - the big pelagics like Tuna, Wahoo and Mahi-Mahi wander along the Tongue in frequent intervals. You won't often see much more than a couple of other boats out there, so targeting these species is fun, uncrowded and a pure joy.

Andros Island for the Water Enthusiast:

Divers will revel in crystal clear waters, 75+ degrees temperatures most of the year and no other dive operators in sight! There is one main dive operator on North Andros, Small Hope Bay Lodge, which has been catering to divers and snorkelers alike since the 1960's.

Snorkelers will be amazed at the depth and variety of coral species and life located just a stones throw away from the Andros Bahamas shores. Whatever accommodation you choose, private charter boats or shared charters can be arranged to cater to whatever boating adventures you have.