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Andros is one island where the locals truly value their heritage and roots. Traditions are passed down throughout the families and it's still common today to see Bush Medicine, fishing via handlines and engine-less boats and of course the arts of wood carving and straw weaving.


In most settlements, churches outnumber the people here! Every denomination is represented on Andros - Baptist, Pentecostal and Catholic services are held throughout the island. Androsians celebrate their worship vocally and lyrically with the sound of song reverberating from every settlement on Sunday mornings along with various other days of the week. Catholic services are held in Fresh Creek and Carghill Creek with priests flying into the island specially for these - including the major traditional celebrations of Easter and Christmas with extra activity during these times.


The old traditions of the Goombay and Rake 'n Scrape beats are still maintained here and on most Friday nights at both Fresh Creek and Nicholls Town community parks, you can hear the sounds of the islands. There are several local bands of note and the strains of Elon Moxey's "Oh My Andros" is heard frequently at festivals and gatherings here. Perhaps the most internationally famous of these is the family group, Sons of Andros. The Frasier family, headed up by it's patriarch Harrington 'Zippy' Frasier, have been providing lively concerts with a solid gospel sound for years. The family has several CD compilations which can even be purchased on Amazon!

Watch a short clip of The Sons of Andros in action.



Although the origins of the word are obscure, (some people believe it comes from the French "L'inconnu" which means "the unknown," in reference to the masks worn by the paraders), the vibrancy and energy which comes with this street carnival is infectious. Held on 26th December (Boxing Day) and New Year's day the party goes on way into the wee hours.

It is believed the festival began as early as the 16th century, and today, it is still widely celebrated, most notably in the nations capital, Nassau. Andros is by no means behind when it comes to Junkanoo. Schools fiercly participate in Junkanoo competitions and demonstrations can be arranged by request for special occasions and groups. The costumes are elaborate and drums non-the-less loud than their Nassau counterparts.

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