Easter Weekend in the Bahamas

So, the Bahamas closely follows England in terms of it’s public holidays, so this weekend is the culmination of Holy week, and a time for families to join together in celebration and prayer.  Church services are especially busy and with another public Holiday on Easter Monday, it’s a long weekend for those not working in the tourism industry.

Throughout the Bahamas, this holiday has also taken on some American traditions too – Easter Egg hunts can be found throughout the islands, most notably in Nassau with a large gathering at the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas which actually took place last Saturday due to the public holidays this weekend.  Here are a few images.

Bahamas Easter Egg Hunt Bahamas Easter Egg Hunt Bahamas National Art Gallery Easter Egg Hunt











If you happen to be in Abaco this weekend, they also have an Easter Egg hunt tradition going.Abaco Easter Egg Hunt


Abaco Easter Egg Hunt





If you are interested in reading more about how Bahamians celebrate Easter, take a look at this great article posted in the ‘Whats On’ guide.

Bahamas Lobster Season

This weekend also marks a special event throughout the Bahamas.  It’s the last weekend of Lobster   season!  For 4 short months of the year, Spiny Lobsters are protected to enable breeding, and the taking of Lobster from Bahamian waters from April 1st – July 31st is prohibited. So if you are on Andros this weekend, take the opportunity to go with a local guide and catch some Lobster for dinner.


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