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Welcome to the Site


Welcome to our very first Blog post!  Let’s start by explaining what AndrosYourWay is all about.  Essentially, it is a single resource where readers can discover a wealth of information about North Andros, Bahamas.

Where it is, how to get there and what to do when you are there.  This website aims to bring all the pieces together to create a unique site which informs, stimulates and educates people about Andros.

We want to encourage participation in the site from both travelers and locals alike so that together, we can create a useful user experience.  The blog, Facebook page and YouTube channel, all welcome user input so please feel free to interact with us and share your stories, pictures and video.

Each post will provide readers with an update on what has been going on in North Andros, what events are upcoming or any other information of note.  In addition, we will also be exploring what is happening over the rest of the Bahamas and the travel world in general.

If there is something you are looking for or would like further information on, just ask and we’d be happy to oblige.

With all that said, let’s get on with it!

Recently, the North Andros community came together to celebrate the Junkanoo tradition.  If you don’t know about Junkanoo, check the section in our site for more information.  This colorful celebration of music and dance took place in Nicholls Town, North Andros, with participants enjoying the time honored traditions.  Groups from all over North Andros took part and danced the night away!  Watch this short clip from the parade. 

Also held in Nicholls Town, North Andros, the annual Arts & Crafts event took place at the community park.  Here is where local talent gets a chance to shine, display their work and come together.  Live music provided a lively atmosphere and prizes were awarded for a variety of categories.  Traditional basket weaving skills, artists and wood carvers, all displayed their efforts in colorful stalls.

Food, of course, was not forgotten and food vendors offered up a tasty menu of treats including of course, Conch fritters, fried fish and melt in your mouth Guava Duff. This year, Andros welcomed artists from Nassau and Freeport to join their fellow Androsians in showing off their talents.  Check out some images from the day. It was a great day for families and friends to come together and celebrate being Androsian.

Elsewhere in the Bahamas – Minister of Tourism, the Hon. Obie Wilchcombe took the opportunity whilst attending the opening of the new hotel – The Cove, in Eleuthera, to discuss the upcoming unveiling of the Bahamas Tourist Board new digital platform, which promises to focus more on the family islands. “The problem we that people do not have an appreciation that we are more than just a capital city” said Minister Wilchcombe – our sentiments exactly!

The Island School and the Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation (BREEF) came together last month to support teacher education on marine conservation training.  The course was made possible via a grant from the US Embassy and provided thirteen science teachers from the Family Islands with a much needed focus on the marine resources of the Islands.

With only a few weeks to go now, anticipation is building for the grand opening of the new $100 million Sports Stadium in Nassau.  The complex will support thousands of athletes and fans attending the 2013 Carifta Games marking the Bahamas as a premier sports destination, capable of hosting large events. Trials start on Friday 15th March.

Coming up:

This Saturday, March 16th, The Bahamas Kennel Club Dog Show kicks off its competitions in breed
Westminster Kennel Club Best of Breed obedience, rally and agility classes.  The event is held at the Bahamas Food Services facilities  in Nassau – move over Banana Joe! 

Westminster Kennel Club Best of Breed




On Andros, the Red Bays Snapper tournament is coming up next month.  The event is always a crowd pleaser, so watch this space for more information.