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Andros Island

The largest of all Bahamian islands and the least populated. The island itself is actually comprised of three individual masses of land, separated by water or Bights. Andros has North, Middle and South Bights. This site concentrates on the North Bight (the Northern section of Andros)

For a more detailed look at North Bight, Andros, check out the history & culture information page.

Where to visit when here

This of course, all depends on what you are most interested in. Andros is a mixing pot of true Bahamian culture - the 'real deal' - an authentic look at true island life mixed with small, medium and large scale hospitality options for visitors. No matter which property you choose for your Bahamas vacation, a trip to one or more of the areas highlighted in our Must See page should not be missed. Highlights for any Andros trip would be:



How to get about

The island has no form of public transport, although occassionally, there is a jitney bus service running which can be waived down along the road. It's best to enquire from your booking agent or property liason whether this service is actually running when you get here - in true island style, these types of services are consistent in one thing - they're always changing!

The most common mode of transport on Andros is our local taxi services. These drivers are the most knowledgable people we know and provide you with a local experience tailor made to you interests.

Car rental is available, and whilst not common amongst island visitors, is easily arranged. Now, we are not Hertz. There is no booth in the airport and no 'car rental bus' to take you to a facility. This is car rental, island style! An experience for the adventurer for sure, but a great way to get around and be independent.