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Getting Here

There are three main ways to get to us and two airports - Andros Town International (Fresh Creek, MYAF) and San Andros (MYAN). For most properties you will want to come into Andros Town:

Travel Directly to Andros from the USA.

Flights leave Ft. Lauderdale twice daily with Watermakers Air, a shared charter service. Flights generally operate around 7am and 1pm daily and land in Andros Town.

Private Charter planes are available on demand from several carriers, we recommend Airflight Charters who can bring you in to Andros Town or San Andros.

Travel to Andros from Nassau by plane.

Twice daily flights depart from the domestic terminal with LeAir Charters at approx. 7am and 4pm daily for Andros Town, and twice daily flights with Western Air into San Andros.

Private charter flights can be arranged easily with any of our recommended carriers. Just a short 15 min. flight and you can be in Andros with no additional wait time. We recommend: Dove Wings Charters, Safari Seaplanes, Bahama Hoppers and GoldenWings Charters.

Travel to Andros from Nassau by boat.

For those who want to take their time and enjoy the journey (or are flat out spooked on a 5-seater plane!), the options here are to take the Bahamas Fast Ferry, generally coming into Fresh Creek 2 or 3 times a week. Alternatively, charter a boat (fishing or leisure) and enjoy crossing the Tongue of the Ocean to reach us.

Ask now for recommendations.