3-Bed Villas

Silvertop Villa Cocoanut Villa


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3-Bed Villa properties

We have 3 options for you with 3 bedrooms and more in some cases. You will discover that most Villas can be configured in a couple of different ways, so you will find that those in the 3-Bed category may also have extra sleeping areas and can accomodate much more than just 6 guests. Similarly, you may find some 4-Bed villas who can downsize to use just 3 rooms - the possabilities are almost endless, so do not close your mind to the possabilities of each property, and remember to ask for more details.



Brand new to the area, this 3 & 4 bed combination luxury villa is already proving to be a popular choice. Tall cedar shingled ceilings, a chef inspired kitchen, KettleStone was built with comfort and entertaining in mind. It's two master suites - Cay view and Sunrise are identical in size and design. Ocean views, comfortable beds and large ensuite bathrooms make these rooms a pleasure to rest in. Morgan's loft is the 3rd bedroom, also ensuite and is located high above the Great Room. Like our other Villas, KettleStone can also be taken as a 4-Bed villa with the addition of the Tree House and possabilities are endless.


Silvertop has 3 full bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. A large living area and 2 small side rooms mean that this villa can also accommodate more than just 6 guests. Families with children especially enjoy this one along with those who appreciate a unique, island inspired architecture. Silvertop, can also work as a 2-Bed Villa by leaving out the West Room if desired.


Although this is actually a 4-Bed villa, Cocoanut can be configured in a few different ways. Due to the nature of it's layout, you can take this property as a 3-Bed or a 2-Bed villa and the pricing is ajusted accordingly.